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Matrix Audio Element I2

Matrix Audio Element I2

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Great sound by your side

Although element i2 is the entry-level model of the element music streamer, it shares a wide range of technologies with other models in the series, which further narrows the differences of specs between it and higher models. Rich usage scenario settings, complete music playback functionalities, and flexible input and output interfaces make element i2 an excellent companion for your entertainment and gaming.

Be simple, be full of fun

element i2 music streamer is a multi-functional audio source that can play local music files or online streaming audio. It has various input ports including toslink, coaxial, IIS-LVDS and USB audio input. As a standalone music source, the element i2 drives various headphones directly, or can be connected to power amplifiers or active speakers for high-res music linstening. Roon Ready, UPnP and AirPlay are also supported. Excellent human-computer interaction, with the MA Remote App by「Matrix Audio」, you can easily configure your devices, browse and playback music files. Enjoy your music, element i2 will satisfy your pick ears.

New UI New impression

The 2nd gen element series music streamer is equipped with a 3.46 inch LCD touch screen. When playing over the network, or playing local music via MA player, rich information of the track is displayed on the screen. The touch screen allows you to perform various operations more conveniently. The newly added playback touch keys make the new generation of element music streamers easier to use.

Richer than rich

If you own a big treasure of digital audio, MA player allows you to easily browse and play music in USB drives or NAS. If you prefer high-res online streaming, TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and Internet radio will be your huge library of music. Roon Ready, DLNA/UPnP and AirPlay 2 bring you different music streaming experiences.

MA Remote App

You can browse and playback your local music files, online music stream from TIDAL and Qobuz, and even Internet radio stations through the MA Remote App on your iPhone, iPad or Android phones. The device configurations, firmware updates also can be managed by the app.

Full of power Full of details

We added a 4.4 mm balanced headphone jack for the element i2, making it convenient to pair with various headphones. The built-in headphone amplifier has been upgraded to a 4-channel full-balanced architecture. The fully symmetrical circuit design allows the left and right channel signals to pass through a nearly perfectly symmetrical amplification circuitry. Providing plenty of headphone output power at low distortion and noise.

Everything In Your Hand

We take every detail of the product seriously, even the remote control is no exception. The new RM4 remote control has added playback control functions, making it more convenient to switch tracks, play, pause and other operations. With the 2 programmable buttons which can be set to your frequently used functions through the MA Remote App. The material of aluminum and plastic makes the remote control comfortable to the touch.

Enter from a higher point

Despite being the entry-level model of the series, the element i2 is equipped with the same quad-core CPU and digital audio interface chip as the higher models. The powerful processing ability enables the element i2 to process various sampling rates audio files effortlessly. The element i2 is an MQA full decoder, which makes it has a comprehensive playback ability.

Precise timing without deviation

Digital audio is the art of time, a high-precision clock is the basis for accurate playback of digital audio. We added the CCHD-950 ultra-low phase noise femtosecond clock from Crystek to the element i2, which can effectively reduce the jitter generated in the transmission and processing of digital audio signals, making the sound more realistic and the details more accurate. Laying a solid foundation for the good sound of the element i2.

Follow your way

The element i2 is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port to ensure more stable connection when streaming high sampling rate audio files. Make the music data stream in your audio system smoothly.

Free of cables

Under good wireless network signal coverage, you can choose Wi-Fi connection. The integrated 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi antenna, gives element i2 a tidy and clean appearance and a flexible connection option.