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Matrix Audio X-Sabre 3

Matrix Audio X-Sabre 3

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Familiar appearance, new experience

With four years of technological expertise and research, 「Matrix Audio」 is now ready to announce the X-SABRE 3 and ignite a new generation in the X-SABRE line-up. Housed in a brand-new chassis, with a new user interface and sonic capabilities, the X-SABRE 3 DAC is now transformed to function fully as a network capable streaming host.

Pioneer of high-res streaming

X-SABRE 3 is a streaming audio DAC with various digital audio input ports including toslink, coaxial, IIS-LVDS and USB audio input, it also introduces high-res streaming music listening to traditional Hi-Fi stereo system or Hi-Fi headphone systems, which can be described as a perfect audio device that integrates a streamer and a DAC. You can easily configure your devices, browse and playback music files through the MA Remote App which is completely designed by「Matrix Audio」. Enter the world of music, enjoy the rich details and every highlight moment of every performance.

The difference in the details

The X-SABRE 3 is not just a remake, but fully redesigned without shortcuts, birthing a brand-new chassis and internal circuitry. The new X-SABRE 3 is 10mm wider and 2mm lower, lending the X-SABRE 3 sleeker, slimmer lines while retaining a sturdy build and look.

Creation based on innovation

We gave the X-SABRE 3 a brand-new high-resolution LCD display, allowing for crystal clear updates on the current operating status of the device. While streaming, album art covers will be displayed, aligning with current technological demands from a user’s perspective. A modern step forward, deserving the title of a new generation in our X-SABRE lineup.

MA Remote App

X-SABRE 3 adds support for MA Remote App, allowing you to browse and play your music collection in UPnP server, enjoy HD online audio from TIDAL or Qobuz through MA Remote App installed on iPhone, iPad or Android phone, listen to the best of Internet radio stations, adjust every hardware configuration of the device, everything is in control.

Local music streaming

Being a Roon Ready certified device means that you connect to Roon without further configuration, and bit-perfect audio is promised from Roon to your X-SABRE 3. With the Roon app, you can now control the playback, output volume and standby. With softwares that support UPnP or DLNA, you can stream with the original sampling rate in the local area network to X-SABRE 3.

Online streaming

X-SABRE 3 is the first of Matrix’s line up to include TIDAL Connect and Spotify Connect. Detection of the X-SABRE 3 as a playback device with your choice of streaming service and enjoy lossless playback seamlessly. Playback and volume can be controlled via the apps. AirPlay is also supported.

High-speed connectivity

Tucked neatly under a top made from tempered glass is the secret to the capability. A set of 2.4GHz and 5Ghz dual-band Wi-Fi antennas are hidden away from view to retain the elegant lines of the X-SABRE 3. In areas of weak network coverage, a Gigabit Ethernet option is available to maintain stability of connection. High-sampling audio transfers within the local network can count on rock-solid stability for uninterrupted listening.

Sync and Async mode

Switching of the working mode of the D/A chip can be conveniently done through the touch panel of X-SABRE 3. In the Async mode, the master clock of the D/A chip comes from the Crystek CCHD-950 femtosecond clock inside the X-SABRE 3, and the clock from the front-end device will be abandoned; in the Sync mode, the built-in femtosecond clock will be turned off, and the D/A chip depends on the clock of the front-end device completely.


The streaming capabilities of the X-SABRE 3 allow more ease of controls via your mobile phone. The standard Trigger port enables you no need to turn on and off the power amplifier manually. When the X-SABRE 3 powered on or entered standby, it will also turn on or off any connected 12V trigger device automatically.

Fully isolated design

As a result of involving network function, faster processing speed and higher clock frequency, it was necessary to place the D/A conversion part and output stage into independent chambers. We isolated the power supply, digital and analog circuitry of X-SABRE 3, and successfully eliminated the noise contamination and source of interference in this flagship of digital audio.