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SR-X1 Earspeakers: Offering a pure and immersive sound experience with:

• Wide Frequency Response: Ranging from DC to 35,000Hz for full-spectrum audio reproduction.

• Minimal Distortion: Harmonic distortion of 0.01% or less ensures crystal-clear sound.

• Flexible Installation: PARALLEL OUT terminals facilitate easy incorporation into your existing audio system, whether for music enjoyment or enhancing movie experiences at your desktop or bedside.


SR-X1 (Earspeaker)

• Type:Push-pull electrostatic circular speaker, rear-opening enclosure
• Unit Shape:Medium-sized circular
• Fixed electrodes: High-precision etched electrodes
• Playback frequency range: 7-41,000Hz
• Capacitance: 110pF (including attached cable)
• Impedance: 145kΩ (at 10kHz/including 2.5m attached cable)
• Sound pressure sensitivity: 101dB/100Vr.m.s. input/1kHz
• Bias voltage: 580V DC
• Cable conductor: OFC
• Cable shape : Parallel 6-core, wide low capacitance cable, 2.5m
• Earpads: Genuine sheepskin leather (skin contact area), artificial leather
(attachment area)
• Weight: 234g (main unit only)